Laguna Beach Condo with Ocean Views

Ocean View Balcony

Anyone in Southern California right now knows that the weather has been a little wet lately (which is probably an understatement in some areas). Perhaps El Nino has finally arrived and is delivering some desperately needed water into our lakes and rivers. It’s not always the best conditions for taking real estate photos, but sometimes taking photos before a storm arrives may yield some great photo opportunities.

One of those opportunities arose when I re-photographed our remodeled Laguna Beach condo during the afternoon before a major rainstorm poured through Southern California. You can see off the balcony the storm rolling in from the horizon, but not before giving off a very vibrant sunset in the sky. It’s easy to imagine how beautiful the sunsets can be when the settings are just right and makes me want to relax in those chairs while enjoying the view!

Balcony Ocean View

Patio Sunset

Living Room Ocean View

Still, you can never go wrong with the nice weather, especially by the beach. The location of this condo is near Victoria Beach, which is a prime location for beach-goers for nearby residents as there are generally fewer people than other main beaches. It is also where a 16th Century turret-like structure exists and presents terrific photo opportunities.

Victoria Beach 16th Century Turret

Victoria Beach 16th Century Turret

This property is a perfect place to enjoy a beach vacation. It is available for rent so for those who need a long getaway to paradise, you can find more details here. Check out additional photos of the property below and what the area looks like with clear sunny days. Be dry and be safe!

Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach Lookout Point

Victoria Beach Lookout Point

Master Bedroom with Ocean Views

Living Room Laguna Beach

Kitchen Laguna Beach

Kitchen Laguna Beach

Kitchen Dining Room Laguna Beach





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